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About DeerGrove Covenant

We Seek...

To be a loving community:
We are not interested in simply being a crowd of people on Sunday mornings.  We want to build deep, authentic intergenerational connections–cultivating places where we can really know others and be known. And we want to invite and bring others into this community. 

To be Formed: 
We value deep, beneath-the-surface life transformation. We aim to grow deeply in love for God, others, and ourselves-going back to go froward, and learning how our past experiences have shaped us over time so that we can become more truly who God has made us to be. We desire to let the Word and worship of God permeate our daily lives so that we might shine his light wherever we are. 

To be on Mission:
We value giving out of who we really are, in the unique ways that God has made each of us. We value actively serving our community and will seek to follow Jesus’s example of drawing near to those who are hurting and suffering around us. 


Covenant Affirmations...

We affirm the centrality of the Word of God
We affirm the necessity of the new birth
We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church
We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers
We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ

Our Denomination

DeerGrove Covenant Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. This movement of more than 850 congregations in the United States and Canada gathers around the central truth of the Bible:



225 E. Helen Road

Palatine, IL 60067 


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